The Super Nintendo is oft-regarded as one of the pinnacles of Nintendo's legendary roster of games and consoles. Released in North America in 1991, the system set a new standard for graphics, game play, and fun that are still being revered to this day. Games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastStreet Fighter, and Donkey Kong Country remain classics among video game enthusiasts, each having helped to define the conventions of their respective genres. 

Of course, not everything was sunny for the SNES. Memory often pulls us into a narrative that may not be congruent with reality, and the prevailing storyline for the SNES will have you believe that the console was simply unassailable. Unfortunately, it isn't true. Like every other console released in history, the SNES had its fair share of slip-ups. Time has just been kind enough to bury them in the past. 

However, with you now have the option to dig through these long-forgotten titles at your leisure. Suddenly, what was meant to be lost can now be more easily renewed. And it's not just the most rotten games that can now experience a revival either. The hidden gems that you never played or never even had the opportunity to buy are now available at your fingertips. To give you a quick run-down on what's good, and what should remain shelved, we've figured the trash and treasure of the Super Nintendo's beloved games catalog.

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