James Franco's The Room drama just got even weirder—and this is saying a lot, considering it's based off of Greg Sestero's literary account of his time filming the movie, The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made and that's already pretty weird in and of itself. According to The Film Stage, Franco (who is starring as Tommy Wiseau in the film, seriously) has cast his younger brother Dave Franco to star in the project as Sestero himself.

Dave confirmed the news himself at a screening of the room, which Wiseau himself was in attendance of as well:

After saying it’s a “good choice,” Wiseau, who was at the screening, added, “I didn’t want to say it, but it happened, so. He’s a good guy.” At first glance, it might be odd to see the Franco brothers not playing siblings in the film, but, then again, we imagine that’ll be just about the least weird thing about this production. As for what to expect from the film, Seth Rogen, who is producing, recently said, that Sestero’s character will be the lead.

We don't even know what to expect from this film, but we're here for it. Just so long as James Franco reenacts this great moment in cinema:

Bonus: Dave Franco and Wiseau took a picture together at the screening, and, as with most things involving Wiseau, it's flawless.

[via The Film Stage]