Conan O'Brien has got it pretty much figured out when it comes to covering the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo in downtown L.A.

Normally E3, for us mere mortals at least, is a scrum of carefully curated game demos (that probably won't look anything like the finished product), ceaseless haranguing by hype-men, and press conferences so tightly orchestrated they make the Super Bowl look like a farmer's market in Calcutta.

Not for Conan. Private demos, one-on-one showcases with developers, and a fucking bean bag throne to lounge on while playing the PS4's virtual reality rig, Project Morpheus. Not bad being the king of late night television. Conan attended this year's E3 and managed to get hands on with Sunset Overdrive, Forza 5, and the upcoming Nintendo Wii U title, Hyrule Warriors.

Conan also manages to inject a dose of pure sex into the whole affair while gently mocking gamers as they worship during the high holiday of E3. 

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[via Team Coco]