Not to glorify the drug trade, but every good cartel needs a strong team of shooters. A group of killers employed by the alleged "most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world" reportedly has a new leader who resembles Kim Kardashian enough for you to take third and fourth glances, and uses a pink AK-47 as her weapon of choice. 

The "Los Antrax" hitters are utilized by the reputed Sinaloa Cartel. Their new alleged team leader is 27-year-old Claudia Ochoa Felix, a femme fatale who goes by the name of "The Empress of Antrax," which should intimidate the common man. 

According to the Daily Mail, Felix is said to have taken over Los Antrax after her significant other, 33-year-old Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, was arrested in January. 

In addition to idolizing Kardashian, she shares her love for attention. She regularly posts pictures of her three children covered in money on her social media accounts, and poses in "how the hell can she breathe?"-tight outfits, just like Kardashian. The only difference is the guns.

One thing about Felix is for certain: She will literally and figuratively end you. 

[via The Daily Mail UK]

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