Top 40 countdown legend Casey Kasem died today at age 82. 

The prolific voice actor was rarely seen on screen, but he was heard plenty, providing the voice for the munchies-seeking stoner ,paranormal investigator and "meddling kid" on Scooby Doo for decades. 

In honor of his passing, here are five other voices you've probably heard (especially if you're an '80s baby) and didn't even realize were Casem.

Cliffjumper on the original Transformers series and cartoon movie:

The Q guy from Sesame Street

Robin/Dick Grayson on Batman WIth Robin (2:09)

The manager from Josie and the Pussycats (0:50)

Mark from Battle of the Planets (2:20)

And as a bonus, wrap your brain around the meta moment when Shaggy does his best Casey Kasem impression:

[Via IMDB]