A bombing that took place in the Nigerian capital of Abuja today has left nearly two dozen people dead, officials say. 

Reuters reports that at least 21 were killed and another 17 injured following the rush hour explosion in the shopping district. According to the Associated Press, many people were preparing to watch the Nigerian national team play Argentina in the World Cup when the bombing took place, but it remains unclear if the bombing was scheduled to correspond with the match, as it began an hour prior. 

Futhermore, the Associated Press adds that witnesses reported seeing "body parts were scattered around the exit to Emab Plaza," while an anonymous source told Reuters that roughly 40 cars had been badly damaged by the blast. In a horrible turn of events, Premium Times claims that hospitals have been forced to turn away bodies due to "lack of body space."

While no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, Boko Haram is suspected. The Associated Press says the investigation is ongoing. 

[via Associated Press, Reuters and Premium Times]

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