It's weird to think that there was actually a time when Alex Trebek wasn’t on your television every night, and now the Guinness Book of World Records has recognized that fact. Yesterday, the record association announced that Trebek is now a member of its hallowed halls for setting a record for most game show episodes ever hosted on the same program. Trebek’s show, Jeopardy, is in its 30th season, and in that time he has hosted 6,829 episodes.

“It’s an honor to hold the Guinness World Record for hosting Jeopardy!, which I’ve often said is the best of reality T.V.,” Trebek said. “We have had incredible support from our viewers for the past 30 years, and without them, I wouldn’t have set this record.”

The only episode of the show that Trebek didn’t host in the past 30 seasons was an April’s Fools special in 1997, which was hosted by Pat Sajax. The previous holder of this record was Bob Barker of The Price is Right, who is probably already contemplating defending his crown.

[via GuinnessWorldRecords.Com]