Insanely difficult platformer Indy-esque sidescroller Aban Hawkins & 1001 Spikes is finally getting released on June 3, though players interested in picking up the Wii U or 3DS version may want to hold off for a week or two. 1001 Spikes is also hitting PS4, Vita and Steam that day, but publisher Nicalis has decided they're going to release the still-buggy versions of the game for Nintendo's platforms at the same time, opting to patch whatever bugs may remain post-launch instead of delaying the experience entirely.

For your trouble, you can get 1001 Spikes on 3DS for $10 instead of $15 if  you happen to have downloaded another 3DS Nicalis game (VVVVVVNightSkyCave StoryIkachan and Grinsia have previously been released for the console) too.

As for those bugs, a patch will reportedly be issued for the game in the first week or two following launch.

[Via Joystiq]