Shocking footage uploaded to Facebook shows a Staten Island man allegedly forcing his 11-year-old son to fight another boy. 

According to CBS New York, the incident took place outside of P.S. 60 in Staten Island's Bulls Head section on May 14. Though the video has since been removed from social media, disgusted parents recalled watching the man telling his son to punch the other boy repeatedly. 


"I thought it was absolutely terrible, and no matter what the story was before, it’s still wrong on him to say hit him and hit him again," parent Michael Guidice told CBS New York. 

While the cause of the fight remains unknown, other parents say it's still no excuse for the man's actions. "He should have gone to the principal, (said), 'My son is being bullied,' if he’s getting bulliedand taken care of it the right waynot put his son to fight out in the street," Luis Ramos said. 

According to CBS New York, police sources say that the man has been identified by detectives, who would like to have a word with him. From there, police and the Richmond County District Attorney's Office will determine if child endangerment charges should be filed. However, MyFoxNY reports that child welfare officials have since opened an investigation.

[via CBS New York and MyFoxNY]

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