Date: 5/7/14
Location: JFK International Airport
Crime: Importation of a Controlled Substance
Ratchet Meter: 8

For whatever reason, a Guyanese man thought he could smuggle a rather large quantity of cocaine into the U.S. by hiding it inside of powdered custard.

The man, Godfrey Cassius, arrived at JFK International Airport after returning from Georgetown, Guyana. Customs and Border Patrol agents knew something was up because the bags of powdered custard he was carrying contained white powder that reeked of a "strong chemical odor." That powder tested positive for cocaine—18 pounds of it.

So what's the lesson here, aside from don't try to smuggle drugs into busy airports? Don't try to smuggle drugs at all. Even if people end up snitching for lesser sentences, it rarely ends well for them. Jail should never be the better option.