Date: 5/13/14
Location: Chicago
Ratchet Meter: 7
Crime: Cannabis Possession, Aggravated Battery, and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

Authorities say a man from the Chicago-area fed a cake laced with marijuana to his girlfriend and a baby.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that 23-year-old Emmanuel Ekaette traveled to the woman's Calumet Park home on May 10, where he presented her with the cake. After eating and feeding it to a 1-year-old boy, she noticed the crushed leaves inside of it. According to Assistant State's Attorney Sean Brady, Ekaette told her they were "spices."

Soon realizing that something was wrong, the woman took the child to the hospital, where they both tested positive for marijuana. Ekaette, who reportedly smiled as he entered a courtroom on Sunday, was arrested and charged with cannabis possession, aggravated battery and endangering the welfare of a child.