Date: 5/9/14
Location: Houston
Ratchet Meter: 10
Crime: Public Indecency

Authorities in Houston say a man who was reportedly high on embalming fluid ripped his clothes off and started dancing in front of a bunch of stunned pedestrians this week.

The New York Daily News reports that the man began stripping naked at an intersection in Northwest Houston yesterday afternoon. A witness told KHOU that he was doing every popular dance of the moment: "He was doing the Beyonc̩e, the surf board, twerking, the Nae Nae. Every dance that's out there right now, he was doing."

Eventually, the man's family saw what he was doing and quickly rushed to cover him up. His cousin, Carla Meyers, explained that he had taken to getting high on embalming fluid recently, which is likely the root of his actions.

The man was taken to a local hospital for much-needed mental evaluation. Here's the question that needs to be asked: What is going on in Houston?