Date: 5/9/14
Location: Philadelphia
Ratchet Meter: 9
Crime: Public Indecency

Drunk teens took to acting like drunk teens in Philadelphia last weekend after a block party culminated in debauchery of the public urination and sex variety. NBC Philadelphia reports that the Radio 104.5 held its summer block party at the Piazza at Schmidt's on May 3. An alleged shortage of porta potties and laissez-faire security approach led to teens creeping into the Northern Liberties neighborhood in search of a place to let loose. And let loose they did.

One woman told NBC Philadelphia that her "entire house was peed on," while "people were having sex two feet in front of my children." Another resident filmed two teens going at it in public for 40 minutes, even after they were ordered to stop.

The Piazza's property manager, Westminster Management, blames the radio station for the madness, but they didn't give those teens liquor and tell them to go fuck each other's brains out in public. Next month's event will be held Penn's Landing's Festival Pier. It might return to Piazza, but things have to die down first.