FX has released the full teaser trailer for their upcoming show The Strain, and we have to say, this looks mildly terrifying. You see a “dead” guy wake up, hints of something far more menacing than just some new kind of flu, and at the end, what appears to be a vampire.

The show stars Corey Stoll (House of Cards) as the head of the Center for Disease Control’s New York team, who leads an investigation of a plane that lands with 200 dead passengers and just four survivors. Quickly, things start to get freaky as bodies disappear from morgues and vampirism seems to be the chief cause of all the drama.

The series was adapted for TV but Guillermo del Toro, who based it on a trilogy of books bearing the same name. It will premiere on FX on July 13, but you can get a taste for it here:

[via ONTD]