In 1991 James Cameron metaphorically plunged his hand deep into my pre-pubescent chest and pulled out my still-beating heart.

Sure, Cameron had already established himself with Aliens, Abyss, and the original Terminator, but it was Terminator 2: Judgement Day that shaped an entire generation of film makers' approach to action films. Cameron created one of the most timeless and important science-fiction films of the last half century and the film's fingerprints can be seen on countless films afterward. 

Memorial Day Weekend starts tomorrow (today if you work for cool employers) and we've made the decision to forgo any beach/social/outdoor/fellow human being events this weekend. We're suffering from that most first of first-world problems: Our video game backlog is quickly turning into a shame pile. We've got half-finished games, nearly-finished games, and games we haven't unpacked from the last Steam Sale. 

This is unacceptable. For the next 72 hours we will be playing, and finishing, as many games as humanly possible. Please allow these Terminator 2 GIFs to do the lion's share of justification for the decision.

Enjoy your BBQ and drunk-driving highway checkpoints, we'll be on the couch.

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