While you're bound to see some spectacle aboard the New York City subway, there's also the threat of danger. Authorities say a man armed with a hammer has been attacking passengers at subway stations in Queens and Brooklyn.

According to the Daily Intelligencer, the suspect crept up behind a 32-year-old man at Bed-Stuy's Rockaway Avenue Metro station on Wednesday, then struck him in the head and robbed him of $140.

Authorities say this is the third such attack by the man, who reportedly pulled a similar tack on a 24-year-old man as he purchased a MetroCard at the same station last Sunday. After continuing to hit the victim with the hammer, he eventually stole the man's wallet.

Both incidents follow the pattern of the initial attack, where a pregnant 26-year-old woman was robbed en route to a subway station in the Briarwood section of Queens on Mar. 5.

The suspect is still at large.

[via Daily Intelligencer]

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