Developer Insomniac started out with colorful worlds like Spyro the Dragon, crazy weapons in Ratchet & Clank and the moody worlds of Resistance. It's latest game and Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive mixes elements of all those games together in a world that the developer dubs an "Awesomepocalypse."

Check out the colorful screens above of a versatile game where players use crazy weapons and powers while grinding like Tony Hawk and leaping as in Infamous: Second Son around a world gone mad.

The open-world game takes place in a world where a new energy drink launched causing the city's citizens to turn into electrolyte-infused monsters. All while accompanied by the snarky commentary from writer Gerry Duggen (Deadpool).

Stay tuned for more details about the Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive set to drop later this year.

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[via GameInformer]