After two shootings in two days, officials at Georgia's Paine College are telling students that it's definitely safe to return to campus.

CNN reports that on Sunday, a student was injured by falling debris at the small Augusta, Ga. school when gunfire erupted in Gray Hall, sending bullets through the dorm's wall. Yesterday, another student was shot in the head inside of an administration building, prompting authorities to place the school on lockdown for five hours. The student was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. 

A few hours later, a 21-year-old student was apprehended, and officials say the incident stemmed from an earlier altercation between the shooter and the victim. 

Yesterday, Richmond County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Patrick Clayton told the media that police are "still trying to find out all the facts," but added: "I would tell the students I think I believe they'll be safe to come to school tomorrow."

[via CNN]

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