Don’t ever question the loyalty of Star Wars enthusiasts.

One devoted fan of the franchise took it upon himself (pardon our sexism, but we’re 99.999 percent sure the author has to be male) to mash up the three prequels into one long supercut. The user, named “Double Digit,” provides the following description for the film:

A reimagining of the Star Wars prequel trilogy edited into a single compelling movie, based on the structure conceived by actor Topher Grace. As a critique of episodes 1-3, many large plot pieces have been removed or changed to strengthen the core relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. More than 100 video and audio edits heighten the main character's tragic fall from grace.

While we have to confess we haven’t watched this entire new supercut (it clocks in at two hours and 47 minutes), its distinct lack of Jar-Jar Binks automatically makes it an upgrade. If you’re so inclined or even want to just skip around, here’s the full video of Star Wars: Turn To The Dark Side:

[via Gawker]