A story about a fraternity wreaking havoc on a Queens neighborhood would emerge as Neighbors claims the top spot at the box office, wouldn't it? 

The New York Daily News reports that an unnamed St. John's University frat descend upon the peaceful Fresh Meadows block last fall like a Biblical plague:

Loud parties, blaring music, weed smoking and constant shouting have prompted irked neighbors to repeatedly call 311 on the raucous frat house, neighbors told The News.

The parties are reportedly as wild as you can imagine: 

Raucous ragers sometimes go on until 3 a.m. and leave garbage strewn on lawns, neighbors said. The latest mess — written in permanent black ink — will be left for all to see long after the co-eds leave for the summer, they said.

The madness has culminated in a front door, which was tagged with obscene language: "Toxic. Please help us. Do not enter. Dead inside. F***," the door reads.

A St. John's senior who wisely refused to give the Daily News his name said that the writings were a joke that he promised to clean up. "I didn’t think we were doing anything to disturb them, honestly. We just watch sports here. We had one small party," he explained.

Regardless, stunts like this are only funny when Zac Efron and Dave Franco are involved.

[via New York Daily News]

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