I didn't get a PS Vita when the handheld first dropped two years ago.

My issues with Sony's portable gaming console were a murky stew of cost, a limited library, the need for expensive external memory, and the non-existent need for my owning yet another gaming system. Turns out, I'm a fucking idiot.

Turns out, I'm a fucking idiot.

Luckily, Sony has finally released their re-designed Vita here in the states and I don't plan on repeating myself.  

After debuting last year in Japan, the lighter and trimmed down PlayStation Vita model has arrived here in the United States. A special bundle is available on day one that includes Borderlands 2 and an 8GB memory card. Now, personally, is Borderlands 2 a system seller? Not for me it isn't.

You know what is? Hotline Fucking Miami is.

Ok, maybe that's not the only reason, but it's up there. I've played Hotline Miami on two platforms as it is, and I don't think I could come up with a better control interface than the Vita. I seriously have an Xbox One just sitting there, staring at me, and I don't think I could scientifically come up with less fucks to give about its neglect.

We all know Sony has made a strong play for the indies with the PS4. And the indie titles headed for the Vita are impressive, but there's a sense of cohesive belonging to the indies being embraced by the Vita.

Coming in at 20% slimmer and 15% lighter, the new PS Vita feels like a handheld I'd actually use. Where the 3DS had a library of Nintendo titles holstered for launch, the redesigned 2DS looked like a Tricorder that wouldn't fit an away team member's jumpsuit. It's unweildy, but I still inhaled Fire Emblem: Awakening  and Bravely Default.

You know what Nintendo doesn't have in its library? OlliOlli.

Not since Tony Hawk have I been so compelled to perfectly crush every ledge, grind, and line in a skateboarding game.

Sony has also rounded the edges of the handheld which should, hopefully, make it more comfortable for extended game sessions. The new Vita will come with 1GB of built-in memory, a new LCD (the original was an OLED) display and a battery that will last 4-6 hours.

The new Vita's most significant technological leap comes in the form of the PS4 Remote Play function. The new feastures will make it possible tos stream PS4 games straight from the console to the handheld. Wanna see what Infamous: Second Son looks like on a handheld?

The PS Vita is still going to be a major part of Sony's gaming ecosystem, and is one prong in the frontal assault for the living room. When Sony Now launches this summer the Vita will be a central piece of the gaming experience.

The library of games is expected to swell with such indies as Rogue Legacy, Helldivers, and Luftrausers  bolstering support alongside major studio releases such as Borderlands 2. One thing is certain: Sony is doubling down on support for the Vita and if you're looking to add an extension of the PS4 it's time to cop.

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