Snapchat has been looking for a way to shed its sexting-only image, and it may have finally done it.

Today, the app is getting an update to include instant messaging and Skype-like video calling. In a video message that was sent out to users this morning, the company showed off its new features by showcasing the messaging option, which does nothing different than what you're used to with other texting app. But when a user wants to video chat, they simply press a button within the IM window that instantly connects them. Video calling, though new to Snapchat, is pretty basic. Naturally, videos can't be saved, and texts are automatically deleted once you leave the app, except if you click on one to save it.

For those of you who are big Snapchatters, this will be a welcome addition. To those who haven't used Snapchat before, they likely already have apps that let them do these same things. Let us know what you think below.