In another bizarre twist to the Shia LaBeouf story, the Transformers actor is now being listed as the leader of a Skype session tomorrow entitled “Meditation for Narcissists.”

Per the Facebook event, the group putting it on is described as such:

opti-ME* is a month-long exhibition and event series bringing together a selection of creative workers to interrogate the role of the artist, both as model for radical change and as self-promotional strategist. Invited collaborators will occupy a transformed Auto Italia space, using it as an experimental testing-ground for new work and proposals, and questioning what "being artist" might mean as their skills and production methods become increasingly embedded across other industries.

opti-ME* is a project by Auto Italia in collaboration with: Justin Jaeckle, Pablo Jones-Soler, Annika Kuhlmann, Ingo Niermann, Paloma Proudfoot, Britta Thie, Sophie Wyatt, Julia Zange.

The real question: is this for real? It wouldn’t be remotely close to the weirdest thing Shia has done lately. First, there was the whole plagiarism debacle. Then we had this weird tweet:

Them, we had his whole #IAMSORRY art exhibit. After that, he Skype-crashed a class at the London School of Fashion to read them 20 minutes of Marxist French philosophy. He also made his return to Twitter Wednesday, posting following:

So what does it all mean? We’re actually voting that the meditation is real, because it just seems like such a Shia thing to do right now. But the only real way to find out is to RSVP to the event, log in to Skype tomorrow, and find out for yourself.

[via Facebook]