Feeling overwhelmed by PS4's new video editing software ShareFactory? You're in luck. PlayStation Blog was nice enough to release a quick rundown of how to use it. In a nutshell, this is PSN's version of Final Cut Pro (Lite); within the 15-minute timeframe for videos, you can upload as many clips you can squeeze in, add effects, transitions (Sorry Lucas fans, no Kurosawa sidewipe) and even make minute manipulations like thorough per-second scrubs of clips to make sure that 1/24th of a frame is accurately cut at the precisely the right moment.

The system isn't perfect – you still have to take rendered videos and share them with share button (which you also have to use to capture the clips in the first place) but the added features possible with ShareFactory will be greatly appreciated for any would-be video game auteurs waiting for the right tools. Go ahead, you might just make a masterpiece.

[Via Youtube]