NBC and FOX have both announced a bevy of new shows coming to the networks, as “upfronts season” kicks into full gear.

NBC seems hell-bent on trying to find their own version of Scandal, with three of their four new shows being politically-based thrillers. Here are those three:

  • State of Affairs: Katherine Heigl stars as a CIA agent who plays by her own rules (gasp!), gives advice to the president, and is trying to avenge her boyfriend’s death on the side.
  • Allegiance: Gavin Stenhouse plays a CIA agent (no, this isn’t a copy/paste error) who realizes that his parents are retired Soviet secret agents who are now being entreated by the Russian government to get back to work.
  • Odyssey: There’s a military-industrial conspiracy linking an American company to Al Qaeda. The show centers around a solider, lawyer, and political activist who all find themselves involved in the drama.

It’s not all about political thrills, though. NBC also picked up comedy Marry Me, starring Ken Marino and Casey Wilson as a longtime couple who just can’t quite seem to get engaged.

FOX, meanwhile, added two dramas to their already-crowded slate:

  • Empire: Lee Daniels (The Butler) brings us this family drama centered around a hip-hop empire and starring Gabourey Sidibe. Does this mean it’s like a fictional version of Run’s House?
  • Red Band Society: Octavia Spencer stars in a drama about teenagers in the pediatric wing of a hospital who become friends in the face of various medical challenges.

It should be an interesting season, and although not all of these shows will survive (I mean, three conspiracy shows? Come on, NBC) there’s likely a hit in here somewhere.

[via Vulture]