An Iowa man was arrested earlier this month for pretending to be a TV weatherman in a haphazard attempt to meet women. 

Apparently, 24-year-old Davenport, Iowa resident Matt Wendt used KWQC meteorologist Greg Dutra's identity on bogus social media profiles to attract women. His plan was foiled when women began hitting the real Greg Dutra up: 

I posted a message on Twitter that had my girlfriend tagged in it, and a few moments later I got a direct message from a girl who was upset because she thought that I hadn't told her that I had a girlfriend from conversations that we allegedly had on Facebook

Local police traced the phony messages back to IP addresses sent from both Wendt's home and work computers. He was arrested on May 9 and charged with two misdemeanor counts of identity theft. If convicted, he could face up to two years in jail.

You can see what Wendt, an accountant, looks like above. Not much of a resemblance between he and admitted Childish Gambino fan Greg Dutra.

[via The Vane]

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