Well that was fast. Just a few hours after it was reported that Drew Goddard had left Marvel’s upcoming Daredevil series, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that a replacement has already been hired. The site is reporting that Steven DeKnight will be replacing Goddard as the principal showrunner on the series, while Goddard will remain on as a consultant.

DeKnight has experience with both Goddard and Joss Whedon dating back to his days as a writer on Buffy and Angel. He also has some superhero experience as a writer on Smallville. But DeKnight is likely best known to fans for his tenure on Spartacus. With Marvel attempting to keep Daredevil in the Whedon family, it seems like Goddard’s departure was more amicable than Edgar Wright’s. The exit likely had more to do with his commitment to Sony’s Sinister Six movie, rather than any in-fighting behind the scenes.

Let’s hope that’s the case, because Marvel has a lot riding on 2015’s Daredevil, and a sudden change of direction could be devastating for the show’s future.

[via THR]