Like any good horror movie monster, the Halloween franchise might disappear for a while, but it’s never truly dead. And according to Bloody Disgusting, the series might be resurrected by The Weinstein Company in Halloween 3D. This is a movie that has gained traction in production before, but now the site is reporting that the project is back in the picture at the company.

It isn’t yet known if the movie will follow the two Halloween movies that Rob Zombie directed in 2007 and 2009, or if it will be another reboot. The only thing for sure is that the studio is aiming for a 3D release, especially after Texas Chainsaw 3D wound up becoming a hit with audiences in 2013.

Zombie’s movies weren’t critical successes, but they both wound up scoring big at the box office. This means that there is still life inside Myers in the minds of fans. Is Halloween in need of a 3D makeover? Let us know what you think

[via Bloody Disgusting]