It’s a risky concept to base a high-profile TV drama in the world of Batman yet not include the Dark Knight himself in the plot, but that’s exactly what Fox is doing with Gotham. Instead of focusing on the superhero exploits of the Caped Crusader, Gotham stars Ben McKenzie as a young James Gordon, who is looking to clean up the city as it spirals out of control.

During his war on crime, Gordon meets many folks from throughout the DC Universe, including Penguin, Riddler, Selina Kyle, and a young Bruce Wayne. Gotham tells the story before the legend and shows viewers what the infamous city was like before the arrival of Batman. One of the central plots of the show will be the unsolved case of the Wayne family murders, which will help launch the series' pilot. 

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, the first trailer for the show is now online. The trailer highlights that while fans will see many familiar faces, they won’t be in all of the familiar places just yet. If you have followed the Batman mythos over the years, Gotham aims to show you a side of the character’s past you never expected to see.

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