This handsome devil, appropriately known as a goblin shark, was caught off the Florida coast last month. 

Captain Carol Moore, a Georgia native, snagged the 18-footer about 10 miles from Key West, Fla. on Apr. 19, making it the first recorded sighting of a goblin shark since 2000. NBC News adds that Moore, 63, said the beast looked "prehistoric." 

It gets the "goblin" name from the extended snout at the top of its head, and inside of its mouth are a series of unfriendly teeth which, as NBC News notes, makes it look like the real stars of the Alien franchise.

Moore reported the catch to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration last Wednesday, and told NBC he released the shark after taking a few pictures. He had no intention of keeping it, because even though it's rare as hell, it's also ugly as hell.

[via Gawker and NBC News]

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