Later seasons of teen dramas are incredibly difficult to pull off. Either you keep the kids in high school beyond their expiration date or you follow them to college. Neither move usually goes well. Friday Night Lights, of course, is about the coach (Kyle Chandler) first and the kids second; this focus helped the show avoid the usual teen drama pitfalls. Coach Taylor had done all he could do in Dillon. It was time for him to face a coup and be sent into exile. Smartly, the writers only sent coach as far as the next town over. That way, we could keep tabs on his old players as they slouch their way into adulthood while we watched a new batch of players learn that clear eyes and full hearts are an unbeatable combination. 

Rather than repeating itself, Friday Night Lights made the first three seasons of the series the first act in a larger show. Sure, Coach Taylor had won championships, but the real journey of the series had just begun. Before the lights went out in Dillon, Texas, Eric Taylor had to figure out what he was besides the man in the blue baseball cap.