Archer may deliver the most jokes per minute of any show currently on television. Community and 30 Rock are the only other shows in recent memory with a similar clip. Unlike these shows, the lion's share of the responsibility for Archer falls on one man: creator Adam Reed.

After four seasons of making every spy joke you could possibly imagine, Reed wasn't out of jokes, but he was bored. At the top of season five, it's revealed that ISIS has been operating illegally, more Blackwater than CIA, and they're being forced out of the secret agent business. By the end of the premiere, the ex-agents have a plan, and it's the kind of plan that only these characters would attempt: they're going to make Cheryl a country star and sell a ton of cocaine.

Though there's still the usual amount of boobs and guns we're used to from Archer, season five has a fresh absurdity that had been missing. The series recently ended its season on a high note, and it looks like Archer could keep going strong as long as there's still cocaine and country music.