Maybe it's the smug, know-it-all attitude. Maybe it's the strong resemblance to Elijah Wood. Whatever it is, there's something about this arrogant little nerd that just makes you want to smack flames out of him. Little does this bespectacled king of the geeks know that he'll be out of a job in three months when his startup fails. Then, he'll spend his days on a strict Cup of Noodles and water diet, reading Game of Thrones recaps on his favorite websites, and brainstorming the next great app. Success comes just as fast as it goes; enjoy it while it lasts.

1. Warby Parker glasses
2. Arrogant nerd smirk 
3. Sweater over the checkered shirt combo 
4. Starbucks cup surgically-attached to hand 
5. Laptop bag 

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