The caucacity is strong with this one. He wakes up on a Saturday morning hungover from pounding shots of Fireball at that cool new neighborhood bar, then struts through the neighborhood he's recently invaded like he owns it. Then, despite having the plastic bag necessary for cleanup, he lets his dog shit right in front of someone's house because he's too lazy to pick it up. It's beyond disrespectful. Though you'd like to chase him down and serve him the proper fade, he's pretty swift, and that lithe frame is in good shape from daily neighborhood runs with the dog. "Improving neighborhood" or not, karma is coming for him in the form of a reality check.

1. Sunglasses
2. V-neck with slightly drunk collar
3. Burberry Trench Coat
4. "Plastic bag for dog shit that won’t be used because he’s really that much of an asshole
5. The dog
6. Moccasins

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