Two NYPD officers shot a man who allegedly menaced them with a firearm this morning, authorities say. 

Gothamist reports that the officers responded to a call about a group causing a disturbance at the Washington Houses in East Harlem around 2 a.m. They approached the group and began to question a man, who reportedly fled on foot before allegedly turning and pointing a .22-caliber RG at them. Both officers opened fire, striking the victim.

However, the New York Post reports that the man stopped his escape and shot first, leaving police no choice but to return fire. Conversely, witnesses told the Post that the suspect only removed his weapon from his coat to throw it away, never discharging it. 

He was hospitalized with several gunshot wounds, and is in critical, yet stable condition. The officers were treated for tinnitus, and Gothamist adds that charges are pending.

[via New York Post and Gothamist]

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