While the gaming world seemed shocked that Wolfenstein: The New Order turned out to be a great game last week the debate on which console system, the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, has the best graphics keeps waging on. Digital Foundry, the authority in nerd graphic breakdowns, did a side-by-side comparison of the new Nazi shooter running on both systems and found few differences.

To boil down the all the tech talk into the simplest terms. Digital Foundry says that the PlayStation 4 has the upper hand in dealing the best graphic experience while the Xbox One can lose resolution sometimes. Strangely, this seems to happen when nothing is really going on screen and probably has more to do with the console up-scaling to the desired screen size.

However a better test might be just to watch the memorizing, slow-motion video above on the highest quality and see if you can pick out the differences. While smoke and some effects look slightly different, the consoles are very close, so maybe we can put this discussion to bed.

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[via Eurogamer]