Revenge is best served disgusting. 

A Bakersfield, Calif. high school student who was reportedly bullied by fellow students at Centennial High School responded by giving them cupcakes last Thursday. The treats were reportedly filled with semen, pubic hair, pills and expired food, as she basically tried to kill them with kindness. 

When another student inquired about why the cupcakes tasted the way you'd expect cupcakes with those ingredients to taste, the girl explained that they were made with bodily fluids...and more. Though police confirmed that the cupcakes contained soy sauce, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise, they were destroyed before and semen testing could begin and its presence could actually be confirmed. 

According to ABC10, food day in one of the school's French classes was cancelled as a result, and a "no outside food" policy has been put in place. This is sometimes why kids can't have nice things.

[via Gawker and ABC10]

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