As we reported earlier, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is interested in buying the Clippers, and now he's a step closer to making that happen. Perhaps.

According to TMZ, Ballmer reportedly met with Donald Sterling's wife, Shelly Sterling, yesterday afternoon to discuss buying the team. While the NBA said they wouldn't negotiate with either of the Sterlings, it's thought that if she can find a possible suitor for the team that the NBA approves, the association will go along with the sale. Ballmer has been trying to buy a NBA team for years, and even tried to keep the Sonics in Seattle. It's assumed that he'd try to move a team to Seattle if he were to get one in his hands, but he recently told the Wall Street Journal that he'd keep the Clippers in LA if he were to land them. But we all know how that worked out in Seattle the last time someone said that.

[via TMZ]