Appearing last week on friend Norm MacDonald’s podcast, Adam Sandler said that he has no interest in hosting Saturday Night Live. “Why should I?” he said, “I don’t know how good it would be. I’m slow now…I did what I can do on that show.”

It’s an interesting insight from one of SNL’s most distinguished alumni, and a perfectly legitimate reason for not going back. Would we really want to see Operaman again? Or Cajun Man? That could get awkward, and more than a little sad.

Old cast members coming back to host can be very hit or miss, and we respect Sandler’s wanting to avoid sullying his SNL legacy. His artistic integrity is everything. That’s why he made Jack and Jill, right?

Here’s the video of the full interview, and you can jump to 17:00 to hear his SNL thoughts:

[via UPROXX]