Residents of a Queens neighborhood experienced an unexpected crisis when at least 30,000 bees swarmed a tree yesterday, prompting an NYPD response.

Police sent their bee expert, Anthony "Tony Bees" Planakis in to handle the situation. Even he was amazed by the buzzing cluster. "This thing was huge. I didn’t really know until I got up in the air," he told DNAinfo. Over a two and a half hour span, he used a cherry-picker and vacuum to remove the bees from the tree—all 12 pounds of them

While he said he was unsure of the swarm's origin, neighbors pointed to local beekeeper Mike Barrett, who told CBS New York it really wasn't that serious. "It looks very dramatic because you see the bees in one place, but this is the calmest time you'll ever see the bees," he explained.

Tell that to the average person.

[via DNAinfo and CBS New York]

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