It's not clear when this came to pass, but at some point in the last twenty years, being a nerd went from being a bad thing to being something that you bragged about. While anything that decreases the world's swirly and wedgie count is a good thing, all of this is really getting out of hand. People feel the need to insert the word "nerd" after anything they are interested in. Everyone you meet these days is a "music nerd," a "book nerd," or a "building model trains and then incorporating them into kinky sex acts nerd." There was a time when this was called a "hobby." It's fine if you collect comic books and action figures, that is your god given right as a good American capitalist. But, part and parcel of being a nerd is that you like the thing you like way more than everyone else. It follows then that perhaps everyone else isn't quite as eager to hear about it as you are to talk about it.