Can we all agree that if you aren't on track to play sports professionally at eighteen years old, then your athletic prowess has little value? If the scouts haven't come calling by that point, then your athletic ability is something that you'll use for the purposes of personal entertainment, fitness, and little else. If we can all agree on that, then why do we feel the need to brag about our bench press and our jump shot well into middle-age? Why do we feel the need to make everyone around us miserable by giving every pick-up game 110% as though our high school coach were still barking in our ear after all these years? Perhaps there is something of the alpha male in all of us that keeps us showing off what little athleticism we have left until our knees give out and we're relegated to the side lines. Just because pretty much every man on Earth has that competitive drive inside of them doesn't mean we can't chill out a bit. Let's be honest with ourselves, if our spiral was going to get us laid, we probably wouldn't have gotten cut from the J.V. football team.