City: Central California Coast
: 3325 Point Sal Rd.406 E. Highway 246

Don’t whine about bad ‘cue on the Cali coast.  In wine country, there are the sibling smokers and Santa Maria style BBQ experts, Hitching Post and Hitching Post 2 that serve up ribs and romance à la Sideways with barbecue cooked on a high-heat open fire under the stars. Some sort of cosmic cowboy energy is corralled into The Hitching Post’s meat, with entrees like pork baby back ribs sprinkled with Magic Dust and grilled Texas quail straight from the fantasies of a rugged vaquero. The mix of California’s agriculturally-knowledgeable Spanish rancheros and Southern flair makes The Hitching Post a gold rush of brilliant flavors, all culled from the local history of the Central Coast.