Though we watch Game of Thrones for dramatic, unexpected plot twists, the show is often surprisingly funny. Scenes like The Hound/Arya stew dinner and Tyrion and Bronn discussing the principals of money lending are hilarious. The series really does contain multitudes. One week it's a family drama, the next week its an epic war story, and the next it feels like a sitcom.

Since the networks aren't doing so well these days, we thought it might be a good idea to send some Game of Thrones sitcom ideas their way. God knows there are so many characters in GoT that the show wouldn't miss a few of them anyway. The fact that we are sometimes forced to go entire episodes without checking in with Arya and the Hound is criminal. This plan would not only boost network ratings, but it would ensure that we get to spend quality time with our favorite characters every week. Here are 10 Game of Thrones Sitcom Spinoffs We Would Totally Watch.

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