On any other night, Twitter's most aggressive users might've been furious last night. After all, the MTV Movie Awards ridiculously gave the Best Movie prize to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire over 12 Years a Slave and, even worse, Josh Hutcherson beat out Chiwetel Ejiofor, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Matthew McConaughey for Best Male Performance. Absurd bullshit, yes, but rather insignificant last night because over on HBO, Game of Thrones had one its best episodes to date with "The Lion and the Rose." It left viewers high-fiving one another, applauding and writing out their excitement on good ol' Twitter.

Why? Because, that's right (*Insert Requisite Spoiler Alert Here*), King Joffrey Baratheon had his own color-themed wedding, though his, unlike Robb Stark's gory "Red Wedding," was a purple affair—as in, the color of his face after he choked on the world's fastest-acting poison.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter peeps both famous and anonymous wasted no time in letting the Internet know just how pleased they were about Joffrey's long-overdue death. Here are some of the highlights:

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