Most people probably aren't familiar with the name Wally Pfister, but they're most definitely familiar with his work. As Christopher Nolan's longtime cinematographer, Pfister's visuals have helped elevate films like The Dark Knight into masterpiece status. Now, he's getting ready to make his directorial debut with the Johnny Depp-led Transcendence.

A sci-fi mind bender, the film follows a scientist (Depp) who uploads his brain onto a computer system before he dies. The result: a unique take on a genre that has been stale for far too long.

Last week in Los Angeles, Pfister and his cast hit the red carpet for Transcendence's premiere. Our friends from We Got This Covered were on hand to cover the event. They spoke with Pfister and Depp's co-stars Josh Stewart and Clifton Collins Jr.

Check out in the video above. Transcendence opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow. 

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