If you were up last night and watching The Late Show with David Letterman (and we’re guessing many of you weren’t), you would have seen a classic appearance by Stephen Colbert, who is slated to take over hosting duties from Letterman next year.

The host of The Colbert Report came armed with his own performance materials, breaking out a top ten list he had written in 1997 and submitted to the show’s producers when they were looking for writers. The list, submitted around Christmastime, was entitled “Top Ten Cocktails For Santa,” and honestly is funnier than any list we’ve seen from The Late Show in recent memory.

Colbert’s past with the program actually dates back even further, as he revealed that in 1986 he was offered an internship on the show but declined “because you did not pay people.” And, as seems to be the only way to commemorate two famous people being in the same room these days, Colbert and Letterman concluded proceedings by taking a selfie on Colbert’s phone.

Check below for the interview and a look at the Colbert-Letterman selfie:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3 (contains the top ten list):

The Selfie:

[via Gawker]