Just because I haven't read the books, doesn't mean I haven't read a book. When you confess to a book reader that you haven't found six spare months to make your way from A Game of Thrones to A Dance With Dragons, they look at you like you just told them that you don't recycle or that you find it impossible to be creative in a coffee shop. To those who have sung the entire Song of Ice and Fire, please understand that there are many books, more than you could ever hope to have time to read in a dozen lifetimes (which is what, forty-seven Westerosi lifetimes?).

Not having read a particular book truly has no bearing on your intellectual credentials, and certainly has no impact on your ability to enjoy a television show. Give us lowly TV watchers a break. We would rather read these books than work our day jobs, pay our bills, and listen to you lecture us about how we should read the books. But, right now, we have time for an hour-long TV show, not a year-long appointment with our reading glasses.