A couple with a less-than-solid relationship was arrested in Connecticut on Tuesday after it was revealed that the man slept with the woman's mother. If this sounds Maury-ready, know that the dysfunctional duo was actually scheduled to appear on the show. The universe is just funny like that. 

Police were called to the DoubleTree Hotel in Norwalk, Conn. on Tuesday night and found 25-year-old Shantae McGhee-Brown in the hallway clad in just a towel. She admitted to breaking a table and throwing a vase at 47-year-old John Coley when his exceptionally piercing infidelity was revealed. Coley tried to tell police that McGhee-Brown was fighting with another John Coley. Right. 

Both were charged with domestic violence, and it remains unclear if Maury producers will bail them out and get them on the show. Honestly, the lead-up to their appearance has been so amazingly ridiculous, they have to be on the show now.

[via Gothamist]