Hormones, teen boys, and stupidity don't mix well.

Cops busted more than 100 teenage boys in Virginia who had opened an Instagram account to upload naked pictures of girls, 14 to 17 years old, who had sexted them. The account had more than a 1,000 photos, and involved middle school and high school students of 10 counties in the state. "Some guys made up an Instagram page, and they got naked pictures from all these girls, and they started posting them on the Instagram page," says Kayla McNutt, a student at one of the high schools. "I've seen the page, and there are like 13 naked girls on there."

Police confiscated 25 phones of people who contributed to the page, either the girls who sent pictures, or of the boys who uploaded them. "They came to me and took my phone too," McNutt said. "They're trying to figure out who started the page."

So, for the upteenth time: don't sent provactive pictures of yourself over the Internet. It's just not worth it. 

[via ABC]